Just stop it.

Meghan is American! Divorced! She stole our beloved Prince and wore a similar dress and parts her hair in the middle just like Wallis Simpson!

Please just stop and listen to yourselves British Media. This is embarrassing, lazy and harmful. And, you know it. Stop it.

Yes, fine. Meghan and Wallis were both 34 when they met their British princes. They were both Americans. They were both divorced. And that’s about where the similarities end.

Stepping back from senior Royal duties is very different than abdicating an actual throne.

Moving to Commonwealth Canada for privacy is vastly…

And they should be.

Reading the 2021 “Post-Pandemic” Fashion Trend Reports, one could swear that very soon we are all going to be trading our worn-out slippers for stilettos, yoga pants for party dresses and we’ll be buying all the makeup at the counter.

They would have you believe we will be rushing to salons to get back the pre-pandemic hairstyles that took at least 45 minutes to do in the morning and nails that need tending every week.

Athleisure, the Fashion Industry’s thorn in its paw, will finally be dead! We will all be so ready to “feel feminine”

Our Collective Reckoning is Here.

On Jan 6th, 2021, I watched in horror with the rest of the world as a frenzied mob stormed the US Capitol. My horror was not disbelief though. I saw this coming, hoped it wouldn’t but here we are.

In October 2020, I wrote about The Need to Re-friend Our Un-friendships and how our collective hate for one another was going to tear America apart. I’m not a psychic or claim any clairvoyant powers, the writing was literally on all our Social Media walls, plain to see if one was willing to look.

Eerily, I wrote:

“I would not be…

Poking holes in our echo-chambers to save America.

By the time Donald Trump was being sworn into office in Jan 2017, most people I knew had already blocked, muted or un-friended everyone in their life who supported Trump.

It was the Liberal version of The Purge: Election Year, the Social Media edition. And, it was brutal.

You remember. Those proclamations stating: “If you support Trump, you might as well unfriend me now!” “If you support Trump, consider yourself BLOCKED!” “I can’t be friends with RACISTS!” It was a bloodbath.

Well, I’m here to politely ask… no actually, I’m pleading for…

A Fact-Sheet to Cut Through the Noise

As we are sprinting toward this election, the need to sift through the spin and noise is essential. Different stats and stories are coming from both parties, news sites and the candidates themselves.

A couple months ago, I came across a List of Trump’s Accomplishments shared over social media and got curious. Scanning the 127 item list, I realized I didn’t actually “know” if some the statements were true or not. I started looking into them.

When I was done, I had spent 93 hours researching.

Through this research, I learned that ALL…

A Sister’s Quest for Truth in the Era of Trump

(And, the companion piece to Trump’s List of Accomplishments)

I haven’t spoken with my younger brother since early March of this year. Before that, it was a cardboard phone call at Christmas on speaker phone with my husband. Before that, it was a late-night call almost a year earlier where he berated and lectured me for over an hour about a heated Facebook exchange we had just had.

I held the phone away from my ear as he shouted into it. HE was not out of line with his behavior…

Or: How I Met the Challenge to “Just Google It!”

I never un-followed my Trump supporting friends and family on Social Media. By 2018, almost everyone I know had un-friended, un-followed or blocked the people in their sphere who supported Pres. Trump. Even after years of online arguments, incredible displays of disrespect and ugliness, somehow I resisted the urge to slam those doors and throw away the keys. The relationships remain quiet and strained and probably will for a long time but, the door is still unlocked on my side and I can find relief in that.

Although there is little interaction these days with that side of my clan…

Brenna Carlson

Seeker of Beauty, Truth and Lover of Cats.

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